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When Will We Get Fiber

When will we get fiber?   This is a frequent question and the response is not an easy one. As discussed during the Annual Meeting, in previous newsletter articles, and with many of you individually, we have de...

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TSTCI Rural Matters Texas

The following link provides information as to why TSTCI Rural Matters Texas. TSTCI Rural Matters Texas

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Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting

The Youtube video and article at the following link provides information as to Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting. Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting?

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WTRT’S Residential Two-Line DSL Bundle

WTRT’s Residential Two-Line DSL Bundle has many great features to help you save money.

The residential bundle includes two phone lines, high speed DSL service and free long-distance minutes. With the bundle you now receive a discount of $10.50 off the regular DSL residential price as well as up-to 200 free domestic long-distance minutes.  You must have Hereford Long Distance Services picked as your long-distance service provider to receive the free minutes.

In addition to the free minutes and reduced DSL price, you also receive up to fifteen optional calling features at no extra charge, including Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Speed Dialing, Call Waiting, Call Screening, Do Not Disturb, Call Forward on Busy, Repeat Dialing, Priority Ringing, Conference Calling, and Anonymous Call Rejection. These calling features may be placed on either or both lines.

Call our Customer Service Representatives today at 806-364-3331 for more information about the Residential Two-Line DSL Bundle.