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Is Fiber Safe

Is Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) Safe? One of the first things to understand regarding FTTP is that fiber optic cable has no emissions. It is not a copper cable carrying an electrical signal. It is not a Wi-Fi si...

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TSTCI Rural Matters Texas

The following link provides information as to why TSTCI Rural Matters Texas. TSTCI Rural Matters Texas

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Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting

The Youtube video and article at the following link provides information as to Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting. Why Are Rural Calls Not Connecting?

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Wire Care

No need to worry about wiring with WTRT Wire Care

Our Wire Care service eliminates any worries about Internet, TV or Phone wiring in your home or business.

The Demarcation point on the outside of a house/business is the “cut off” point between the network/wiring that WTRT owns and the internal wiring a homeowner or business owner owns.  The wiring inside a building, running from the demarcation point to the jacks that Internet, TV or phone equipment plug into is owned and maintained by the home/business owner.

Service calls to repair or replace the customer owned inside wire/jacks are billed at $75 per hour, plus materials, UNLESS a customer subscribes to WTRT Wire Care. 

With Wire Care, WTRT assumes the responsibility for maintaining or replacing your home or business inside wire whenever you experience an issue with it.  The investment for Wire Care is $2.95 per month for a residence or $5.95 per month for a business.

Pet chew your wiring?  Employee pull out wiring moving office equipment?  With Wire Care, you’re covered. WTRT will repair or replace the wiring without any additional cost to you.  Take the worry out of wiring with WTRT Wire Care.